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6:00 on this tuesday. i'm doug mcelway. >> and i'm alison starling. good morning, everybody. thank you for joining us. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> let's start with brian van de graaff to see what the day holds in store. >> we do have some clouds. it will be partly sunny and cooler. temperatures will be in line with where they should be. there is a system off to the west. we could see showers on thursday and friday. mainly in the 40's this morning. winchester, 46. sun and clouds mixing together. cooler. a nice fall day. upper 50's. let's say good morning to lisa baden. >> we have slowed traffic on 66 east in manassas. a stalled vehicle is now been moved onto the shoulder. 95 at virginia delays.
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i-395 is good. southbound 270, you will line up to get past 109 on to the truck scales. back to alison and doug. >thank you. we are still following a developing story out of rockville. a water main break has left parts of tuckerman lane under water. we'll keep you up to date throughout the morning. a show of support for a family in mourning. >> a neighborhood came together to remember oscar fuentes. he was murdered inside his home saturday night. we have new details. courtney robinson is live in northwest with more. >> good morning. city leaders closest to the
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investigation say they are closed to an arrt in this case this morning. you can still see candles from the vigil blessed by burning. in honor of oscar fuentes. as the community and family mourned the death, they are also seeking justice for oscar entes. >> we want the person to be behind bars. >> on saturday night, family members say someone in the hallway of this apartment complex hassled the family, asking for money. the family fled into the apartment for safety, standing ust behind the front door. the boy tried to look outside the peephole. someone fired a single shot into the door. >> they saw the little boy it was crying. >> officers are now looking for the person responsible for killing oscar fuentes.
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for residents, the evidence of insecurity remains. the front door hangs on its hinges. city leaders say the building is riddled with gang activity. >> these are all gang tags. >> this door is set to be replaced within the next few days. the property manager has agreed to hire security to stand at the door after the new door is installed. the police kept watch over night to keep residents safe. >> thank you. a montgomery county fire fire is recovering from serious injuries after he was struck by a car. this happened last night while firefighters were fighting a fire on westlake drve.
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president obama is winding down his trip to asia. he has met with chinese president hu for wide ranging talks. yunji de nies has the latest from beijing. >> president obama played torras today, taking in some of the signatures sites. they spent hours of closed door talks with communist leaders, including five hours with president hu. >> a strong dialogue is important for the well-being of our nations but also of the world. >> much of the discussion has centered on the economy. china is america's biggest creditor. >> china's partnership has proved critical in our effort to pull ourselves out of the worst recession in a generation. >> it is not just finance.
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the continued to work together on climate change and the north korean nuclear issue. they have significant disagreements, most notably on civil rights. the president urged them to continue talks and that only minorities preserve financial freedom. >> we think they are universal rights and they should be available to all peoples, to all ethnic and religious minorities. >> mr. obama but is the first american president to visit president within a year of being elected. they are hosting a state dinner in his honor tonight. 6:05. at least two of the people killed in fort hood will be buried at arlington cemetery. major caraveo be buried on
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november 25, and lieutenant colonel warman will be buried on monday. the army will conduct an investigation if warning signs about that. the chief of staff is forming an investigative panel. the army will focus on major in nidal hasan's six years at walter reed medical center. he worked there as a psychiatrist before being transferred to fort hood in july. hearings on metro's delete train collision will bring in safety oversight groups from arou the country to highlight his safety methods. they will hold hearings for two days in february. it will be a final hearing on because of the crash. a new government task force is going against decades of the advice on mammograms.
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most women in their 40's do not know need mammograms. they should get one every two years starting at age 50. they said breast selfxams do no good. these guidelines are a big change from what the american cancer society has been recommending. getting screened so early and often is unnecessary. >> with screening, the benefits are a smaller and the false positives are higher than with screening at older ages. >> these new guidelines have some people upset. younger women do get breast cancer and self exams and mammograms have saved thousands of lives. this discussion is far from over. >> no doubt. 6:07. >> later, sarah palin's life is
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an open book. you can pick it up on store shelves. >> the aftermath of the november nor'easter. high water threatens maryland homes. >> after some perfect days, we do have some changes coming our way. will talk about that after the way. will talk about that after the break.
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some homes in calvert county remain in danger. rain washed away much of the beach. the homes are in danger of crumbling. residents piled sandbags around the homes to help border not damaged their foundation. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> let's check in with adam caskey in potomac, maryland, this morning. >> not a bad morning. a few degrees above average. i do not have the gloves on. we are 48 degrees in the cabin john shopping center. 48 in leesburg. 50 in quantico. notice the circulation in the midsection of the country. there are some showers around
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there. that will influence our weather for the next couple of days. filtered sunshine with high temperatures in the mid 50's. noticeably cooler than the past couple of days with added cloud cover. as it heads off to the north of us, i do expect gray skies for the next couple of days. mostly cloudy with a chance of a few showers. is is on thursday into friday. that is it for the weather. >> ♪ every little breeze we are looking right now live in a couple of cameras. we have a whisper of traffic starting to grow on the outer loop of the beltway. this is leaving new hampshire avenue heading towards 270. no major delays at all. we will check in on this in about 20 minutes and it will be
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different. 395 northbound to boundary channel drive. nothing across the 14th street bridge. the wilson bridge, the american legion bridge are both quiet. we will go back inside. >> thank you. a new study shows many teenage drivers are distracted. one in four teens texts while driving. more tha half have used a cell phone behind the wheel. most of them say they see their parents doing the same thing. >> they find this to be more dangerous than trump driving. 6:13. >> holiday proteion. federal officials unveil a plan to regulate those gift cards.
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>> the space shuttle atlantis is on its way to t
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>> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington," with doug mckelway, alison starling, meteorologist brian van de graaff, weather, and lisa baden, traffic. this is "good morning washington," on your side. in our top stories, d.c. police are close to an arrest in the murder of a 9-year-old boy. there was a vigil last night in columbia hghts where oscar fuentes was killed saturday night. he was hit by a bullet. >> the woman accused of helping kidnap elizabeth smart is expected to plead guilty today. she and her husband are accused taking smart from our utah home
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at knifepoint in 2002. she was found nine months later. >> atlantis is on its way to the international space station. theyre expected to dock tomorrow. there will check the thermal shield for any damage. >> sarah palin's "going rogue" hits store shelves today. she did not reveal her plans for the year 2012. >> it is not on my radar screen. what i'm finding clearer and clearer every day is you do not need a title to make a difference. >> we will have more reaction from that interview. later this morning, and she sits down with barbara walters. 6:16 on a tuesday morning. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> we will start off with lisa
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baden. problems on 66 this morning. >> eastbound 66, there was an there and123. that one is gone. inside the beltway on eastbound 66, we just had a crash. they have moved onto the left shoulder. it is pretty tight. there will be some difficulty coming through falls church. heading south on the george washington parkway, nothing to report to you. we are in pretty good shape in northwest washington. massachusetts avenue, i have nothing. 295 northbound, we're good on both sides of the freeway. up 95 in virginia, typical volume for you out of fredricksburg. >> outside, we are starting off gorgeous. the sun coming up this morning
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at 6:53. we have some high clouds out there. maybe partly sunny. it will feel cooler today. yesterday we were at 70 degrees. not quite so warm today. highs will be closer to the upper 50's. maybe 60 if we are lucky. sun and high clouds mixing together. 55 to 59 with a light wind. yesterday was more springlike day. clouds will start to thicken. tomorrow will be mostly cloudy. we will stick with that theme tomorrow and thursday. friday we clear out, near 60. temperatures will fluctuatine. maybe some rain moves in on sunday. doug and alison, back to you. >> thank you.
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the government has a new plan to protect shoppers from gift cards. >> millions of people might have to pay back their stimulus money. jeremy hubbard has the numbers. >> good morning. we have a bigger tax bill than expected for many americans. some got too much from the stimulus tax. some may owe the government to wonder $50 or more. those people will have to make up the difference. most workers get the credit as small reductions with taxes or with help from their paychecks. the first rescue from aig was mishandled. they may have to cancel contracts with the company. it amounted to more than $180
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billion. holding on to your gift cards may not cost to. new rules are being proposed to protect consumers with restrictions on gift cards. you would have five years to use them before they expired. costco and coca-cola are locked in a pricing dispute. costco said there are no longer carrying coca-cola products because they cannot offer significant savings to their customers. coca-cola will not, but saying they are committed to working with costco. kellogg said there is a shortage of eggo wall things because of repairs at plants. they're working around the clock to get the frozen waffles back on the shelf. they expect to be up to speed by the middle of next year. new recommendations on breast
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cancer screening are controversial. and that is your "moneycope" report. i'm jeremy hubbard. 6:20 is your time, 49 degrees. >> we have the results of a brand-new poll that could bring headaches with health care reform. >> sarah palin is dominating the headlines again. some hope per book will bring more than just a media storm. i will allow details. >> is porn going mainstream? lisa ling is back with a shocking report.
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sarah palin is back in the headlines. >> the public push against plastic bags. philip stewart is at the live desk. >> sarah who? we will get there in a second. you'll soon see a new campaign around town. we're getting aiour first look at skip the bag, save the river campaign. banks will cost 5 cents a piece. 4 cents will go to the protection fund to save the chesapeake river. there are free reusable bags
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that will be given out between now and january. former president george bush and bill clinton are scheduled for a joint appearance next may in chicago. they will share stage and a biotechnology conference. this comes after the it abruptly pulled out of a scheduled joint appearance at radio city music hall in february. and kathie lee gifford is not cracking up over a "saturday night live" skit that poked fun as a boozy singer. she squirmed they played the clip. i did not think it is that funny. sarah palin is back in the
6:26 am
spotlight with the release of her new book today. some are buying this weekend's "saturday night live" hoping to media blitz might have have a cambio from tina fey. that brought some of the biggest ratings to "snl" in years. no word from "snl" or tina fey to see if everyone tunes in to see if it will happen. >> interesting. >> she remains a polaring figure. >> it is interesting how those women soak the humor. >> interesting. >> kathie lee gifford thing has been going on a while. maybe the first time she laughs and then she is over it. all right, thank you. we have another half-hour ahead. >> a convicted killer is scheduled to pay the ultimate
6:27 am
price after six years on virginia's death row. he has picked a rare form of the -- execution. >> i will have the story of women and mammograms. >> we are live in the weather center. we're attracting a more fall- like day. we're attracting a more fall- like day.
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. welcome back to "good morning washington." 6:30 is your time. 49 degrees. it is starting to cool down a bit. >> been looks like we're on top for a beautiful sunrise judging from this picture. moments before the sun comes up. let's check in with brian. >> 6:53. sun will be coming up after 7:00 later this week. >> isn't that weird? >> a few clouds out there. a bit cooler. closer to 60. this is from our vantage point. you can see a few high clouds
6:31 am
out there. 50 in newington. 48 in brunswick, maryland. upper 50's. a comfortable fall day. >> we have three things happening. 95 virginia, northbound in the main line, you'll have the backup from dale boulevard. an accident after route 1 in the center lane. a broken-down truck in newington is blocking the right to blame. newschopper 7 is flying over the truck. delays from dale city to newington. delays began at the occoquan because of activity in the shoulder at newington. we moved over to maryland. this delay, southbound on 270 to get into montgomery county. pennsylvania avenue inside the beltway, the problem with the traffic signal.
6:32 am
the power is out. police are there to help direct you through the intersection. we now go back to alison and doug. >> thank you. we are following a developing story in rockville. a water main break at tucker man lane. 6:31. there are mixed messages about mammograms. a new government recommendation says most women to start getting the breast exams at 50 and then every two years. the american cancer society insists regular checkups should begin at age 40. we have more. >> a government task force is recommending women get fewer mammograms even though they have saved lives. they should get and every two years. >> this captures most of the
6:33 am
benefits in terms of reducing breast cancer mortality while decreasing the harm. >> the harm of false positives that could require more screenings and could drop health-care costs unnecessarily. also, they recommend stop routine scans and begin them at age 50. they say slow death growing tumors are more common. nancy disagrees. she says the mammogram and she received showed the beginning of a tumor. >> i am shocked by these guidelines. i might not be here today. >> these recommendations should not be followed by all women. >> women at high risk for breast cancer should definitely have yearly mammograms. there is no debate about that. >> there is debate and confusion about when to get mammograms.
6:34 am
the american cancer society is refusing to endorse these recommendations on grounds about paying for mammograms by insurance. americans remain divided 48% of americans support the health care bill going through congress. 49% opposed it. the biggest concern was the cost. 52% think the overhaul will make your own health care more expensive. president obama is winding up a visit to china at this hour. the leaders promised to work together on climate change and to eliminate north korea's clear program. his last stop will be in south korea. and an emotional tribute last night. oscar fuentes was killed in the columbia heights neighborhood
6:35 am
saturday night. neighbors and family members held a vigil last night. oscar was looking through the ephole. police believe he was not the intended target. they expect an arrest soon. the supreme court is refusing to block the killing of larry bill elliott. he w given the death penalty for gunning down a couple. there was a former bitterly custody fight. there were more than 2000 foreclosure filings just last month. one of every 157 in the county faces foreclosure. prince george's accounts for nearly 1/3 of all foreclosures
6:36 am
in the d.c. area. the bad housing news continues. let's check in with linda bell. good morning. >> we have had a lot of mixed news. we have said recent signs of improvement in the housing market. in prince george's county, you're seeing some weakness in foreclosures. there was just a new record. six point to 5% of mortgages were 60 or more days past due. that is up 50% from the third quarter just a year ago. the rate is not expected to start declining until the middle of next year. we have recruitment from the nation's biggest home improvement retailer. home depot had better results than analysts had expected.
6:37 am
they see positive signs of stabilization. they expect full-year sales to be down about 9%. target and saks will release their quarterly results today. stock index futures are indicating a slightly lower open. the dollar is strengthening slightly. president obama will let china's money appreciate. that is your business news. live at bloomberg headquarters in new york, i am linda bell. back to you. >> thank you. 6:36 right now. >> coming up, the fight of her life. a maryland woman said she was fired after coming back from life's savings surgery. now her health bills are piling up. >> sarah palin is back in the spotlight with a new book. i will have rea ♪ ♪
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6:39 a.m. on this tuesday morning. welcome back to "good morning washington." good morning. a special good morning to those who welcomed me yesterday. you can see one of the signs back there. i am friends with an assistant principal. you were very friendly.
6:41 am
thank you very much. i hope you all had a good time and learned about the weather and enjoyed looking at the truck. 49 degrees in potomac. it looks like some clouds streaming overhead. a mixture of sun and clouds today. filtered sun shine with a high thin clouds. high temperature in the 50's. you can see the cloud deck in frederick at the earth and space science lab in frederick. in the 50's today. mark, mostly cloudy. 50's for most of the week. looking pretty light and not musch moisture. >> we had a wreck in lorton that they moved onto the shoulder. we have huge delays. as you can see, they are flying over traffic delays that begin out of dale city.
6:42 am
this is heading into newington and lorton. all of those headlines out of potomac mills, across the occoquan river. crash is after route 1. 66 does not look much better. delays are a salad out of manassas to get into fair oaks. there is nothing to block the roads. -- bel a local woman who was fired from her job after undergoing a double lung transplant is now fighting back. tonia little work for wasa. had a 12-week recovery. -=- period.
6:43 am
per doctor said she should worked part time. >> i could not believe this. " they cannot legally do this. i have never seen a case like this. >> little filed pill lawsuit. wasa said the have not been served with the lawsuit and so they do not have a comment. 49 degrees. >> sarah palin is now on the store shelves. >> we will allow the lates
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the effect of alcoholism of women who hide their addiction. why the risk it all. our report, the secrets of alcohol mom. >> you are watchg abc 7's "good morning washington," with doug mckelway, alison starling, meteorologist brian van de graaff, weather, and lisa baden, traffic. this is "good morning washington," on your side. 6:45. >> we begin with the search for a killer in the district. police are close to an arrest in the murder of oscar fuentes. there was a vigil in his honor last night in columbia heights. the boy was hit by a bullet came through his apartment door saturday night. >> a water main break has left parts of tuckerman lane under water.
6:47 am
so far there are no reports of homes or traffic being affected. >> the american cancer society is not technology a new study that says women should get if you work mammograms. they say women should get mammograms every two starting at age 50. >> the orbit will conduct an internal investigation about the hundreds of clues -- the army will conduct an internal investigation about the hundreds of clues that were missed. major nidal hasan worked at walter reed before being transferred to fort hood. sarah palin's book "going rogue" hits bookstores today. >> sales of four book will not be hurting. pamela brown has the story. >> but boarding. according to a news poll, more than 50% of men and women say
6:48 am
they do not think sarah palin is qualified to be president. curiosity will prevail. many people say they will still buy her book. >> please welcome sarah palin. >> back in the spotlight, but this time in a different light. >> i felt that she did a lot of damage for republican women. i feel better about her. >> in her book, she talks about the good, the bad, and the ugly. she never criticizes john mccain. says they wanted to fly in a nutritionist. staffers are challenging many of the claims. her best work is in small cities and some are wondering if she is setting the stage for a
6:49 am
2012 presidential and run. >> i am concentrating on 2010 and making sure we have issues tackled as americans to make sure we're on the right road. >> voters we spoke with are split over a pellet presidency. >> she resigned as governor of alaska. it does not fly with me. >> it guarantees an easy win for president obama. then she can run all she wants. >> you can see clips of the interview between sarah p palin and barbara walters this morning on "good morning america." >> thank you. we want to know if you plan on buying the book. log on to at last check, 70% of you said you're not planning on buying in. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes.
6:50 am
the weather has been a pleasant topic the last couple o days. >> upper 50's mid 60's today as compared to near 70 yesterday. >> good. love it. >> take a look at are live shot. you can see clouds starting to stream in. the sun is beaming on through. the sun comes up at 6:53. we are four minutes away from sun up. 41 in mount airy. 46 in the district. 48 in annandale. a few clouds are out there. they are worng their way above the storm system and from the west. we will go partly sunny today. it will be a very pleasant day. cooler winds keep our
6:51 am
temperature a good 10 degrees from where they were yesterday. typical for this time of year. mid to upper 50 possible by this afternoon. tonight we're back in the 40's again. will talk about the weekend coming up. >> huge delays on 95 leading potomac mills. accident in lorton has been moved onto the shoulder. newschopper 7 is tracking the large volume of traffic. this is northbound 95. the lanes are open getting into newington. southbound on 270, you will slow before father hurley boulevard. stop and go traffic down from the lane divide to the beltway. there is a crash on 210 just after 228. one lane to the right is
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sarahpalin with barbara walters. also, this cancer controversy. we will try to give you a lot more information about the guidelines for mammograms. so confusing for so many.
6:55 am
also, janet jackson breaking her silence, coping after her brother's death. and what she thinks about the doctor at the center of the investigation. kris allen will be performing. a few stories to watch out for. the montgomery county will debate toll charges along the intercounty connector. they will also decide whether to build a light rail or s service. >> taxicab drivers will walk off the job because of a strike in response to violations of the taxicab code by jack johnson. >> there will be a hearing on swine flu and sick leave. they want to protect workers who need to take time off. social networking has become extremely popular. >> it is only familiar that the
6:56 am
dictionary has picked its new word for the year. the word is unfriend. those of you on facebook knows it means to remove a friend. they pick a word that best reflects the mood of the year. other words they considered were sexting. >> lots of new words we need to learn. 6:58 or so. let's check in with lisa baden. >> i just learned how to program my vcr. this is the beltway between springfield and tysons. beautiful. 395 northbound, no problems to report for you. we take you over to the springfield camera. much better north of newington.
6:57 am
we move to loudoun county. not bad. southbound leaving the american legion bridge. brian van de graaff, we love you. >> thank you so much. we do have sunshine off to the peace. we will call it partly sunny. much cooler than yesterday. upper 50's. clouds will be on the increase. some showers are possible on thursday and friday. >> we could have used gloves this morning. thank you for watcng. this morning. thank you for watcng.
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